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About the Bitcoiniscoming Campaign <view Images>:

The founder, david, is a resident of Big Canoe, GA located in the North Georgia mountains region of which Dahlonega, GA is sort of the geographical center.  As an early participant in the Bitcoin revolution, david has clearly seen the vision for where this new technology is heading.... which is towards the replacement of Gold as a chosen store of value by the younger, tech-savy millenial generation, and ultimately the replacement of all existing global currencies (US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, British Pound, the Euro, Aussie Dollar etc) with Bitcoin, as the primary global form of usable and transactional Money.

Bitcoin has a fixed supply.  It is rapidly hyperinflating in value.  Once upon a time the cost to exchange your dollars into 1 Bitcoin Core was $250.  It recently surpassed $10,000.  Soon it will be $25,000, then $100,000.  Most people in this technology and financial space see the real possibility it goes over $1,000,000/Bitcoin as it completes it's transition into use a Global Currency.  At some point you don't even calculate its value in dollars, because dollars will be a thing of the past.  Bitcoin is also a store of value similar to Gold.  Gold has a global circulation value of $7,000,000,000,000 ($7 Trillion).  On December 1 2017 Bitcoin had an individual coin value of $11,000, and a total circulation value of $180,000,000,000 ($180 Billion).  So total Bitcoin value (12/01/2017) is 2.6% that of total Gold Value.  But you can actually spend Bitcoin.  You can access you Bitcoin anywhere on planet earth.  Bitcoin is the "Gold of Choice" for the millenial generation.  If you believe that the value of Bitcoin as a useable store of value achieves just 5% the value of Gold - it goes to around $25,000.  If it achieves a 20% valuation it will be over $100,000... and so on.  And if it ever achieves the entire total value of Gold, then it is will still be only a fractional way towards replacing global Dollars, which it will, because unlike Gold, you can actually use and spend Bitcoin.  It is a store of value that is actually usable.  The bottom line is that Bitcoin still has a long way to go.  This is just the beginning.

The purpose of this campaign is relatively selfish.  It's no fun to be a rich man living in the midst of poor people.  Poor people don't build great libraries, parks, nature centers, technology centers, nice communities etc.  The greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind is occuring, and I want my community to be at the forefront.  To participate all one needs to do is buy 1 Bitcoin, or a fraction of a Bitcoin.  I actually suggest you buy equal value stores of both Bitcoins. Many people I know are beginning to sink a percentage of their wealth in as a hedge towards the possibility that this is actually happening.  It is.

A goal of this campaign is to educate people in my community (Big Canoe, GA) and the surrounding North Georgia mountain region about  this massive technology shift that is solidly underway.  I can promise you that everyone on Wallstreet and in Silicon Valley is aware of this - and so are their counterparts in every nation on planet earth.  This is a global phenomenom, and in 2018/9 it is going to complete the cycle.  It is already underway and happening fast, because when I started this campaign in March 2017 Bitcoin was under $1000.  9 months later Bitcoin is over $10,000. 

I believe at the end the final panic rush into Bitcoin will be spurred by an economic event.... probably similar to what happened in 2008.  Nations, Regions, Communities and Corporations will all vie for the greatest piece of the pie in this fixed supply digital commodity as it becomes the main go-to store of value in a tumultuous global economy.

If you now go to http://www.Bitcoin.com to continue your education, download a wallet, and get some Bitcoin, then my goal of ensuring that our little geographical region is at the leading edge of this wealth transfer will be achieved. 

Good luck.  Good journey to you.  And along the way please do good things.  If you get rich, remember those who don't.  The Goal isn't to build a rich YOU, it's to build a community and region rich in things that far transcend the value of any currency.  Having a lot of currency and wealth in the region to start with should assist the goal :)

- david / aka The Mountains Voice




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