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If you haven't already, please read our "Meet the 2 Bitcoins" page before you proceed.  Because there are actually 2 Bitcoins... Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core.  The BitcoinIsComing campaign believes that both Bitcoins will flourish in an eventual global digital money system similar to what we already have. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be used as cash similar to how people use cash now.  People will retain complete control and privacy over their "Cash".  They will spend it directly, peer-to-peer, between individuals and businesses.  What is spent is the private affair of those doing the transacting.

Bitcoin Core (BTC) will be controlled by a new breed of Internet Banking Hubs.  Probably along the lines of Amazon, Apple, Google, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Poloniex etc.  Many of the existing banks will survive a transition to being Digital Banking Centers as well.  These new breeds of digital currency banks will operate pretty much like banks now do.  They will handle security, offer wide varieties of loan and other products, but they will also get into mischief, charge you high fees, and will keep records of everything you do.

It is possible though that at various adoption points, one Bitcoin will out compete the other in certain metrics.  To be prudent in the short run, the official advice of the BitcoinIsComing campaign is that everyone should purchase equal monetary amounts of both Bitcoins.  For example, if you plan to put in $10,000 - put $5000 into BCH and $5000 into BTC.  In the mid to long term both are destined to go up, yet near future it is unclear as to how much and how fast Bitcoin Cash will make higher gains as it plays short term catch up.  Again, the fiscally responsible way to get into Bitcoin is to exchange for both.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash is to go to https://www.coinbase.com/ .  Personal opinion is to stay away from Ethereum and Litecoin until you have put at least 10% of your net worth into Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.  If you are smart you will begin transitioning even more of your net worth in.  Do it slowly.  Get used to this.  Here a bit, there a bit as you get comfortable that this is real.

Bitcoin.com's Getting Started Section also has great educational resources and videos that are designed for absolute beginners. 

l initially suggest Coinbase because it is simple, and the closest thing to a Bitcoin Bank that there is.  It even allows you to hold U.S. Dollars.  But as you get comfortable with things, go to https://www.bitcoin.com to download the official PERSONAL wallet that holds both Bitcoins.  The default wallet is Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  You will need to activate and generate a backup security seed for each wallet separately.  This security seed allows you to recover your account from any device, anywhere in the world instantly, even if your computer dies or phone gets stolen, your funds are secure and accesible.  Once you get this setup, you can transfer your Bitcoins in and out of the Bitcoin.com Wallet, which gives you 100% direct and personal control of your funds.  Most true Bitcoiners keep most of their Bitcoin under their direct and personal control.  Not a huge beginning issue - but it will be the next learning evolution in your journey.  Coinbase also has a Wallet App.  These "Wallets" are how you will eventually spend your bitcoin in stores.  Coinbase, Bitpay and others, also have Debit Card programs that link directly to your Bitcoin Wallet and is spendable anywhere that Visa is accepted.  You can find other neat opportunities for how to use your Bitcoin at https://www.bitcoin.com

This will be a learning process over the next year.  No hurries, except that the price of Bitcoin is going up fast.  During the transition most people are just buying and holding and slowly learning.  And I really need to say this again.... Bitcoin IS Coming, whether you like it or not.  You can get in now at today's exchange rates, or later at much higher ones.  But you will get in sooner or later, even if you hate it.  Because digital currency will be THE currency of the planet in short order.  The new generation has spoken.

IMPORTANT:  When setting up any wallet or online Bitcoin account, follow the provided security advice carefully.  Write down your security seed and keep it in a safe place.  NEVER store it online.  If your code gets hacked, then so can your money.  Really no different that bank access codes.  Bitcoin is real money and you should treat security issues as you do that of your bank account, purse or wallet. And remember.. never rush when confused.  If you take a deep breath and read carefully you will usually find that this isn't as hard as it seems.  It will become second nature over time. I realize that this whole move to technology is scary and aggravating for many of the older generation, myself included.  But this IS coming fast.  Best to get ahead of things.  Personally I don't like it either, but I long ago realized that I am powerless to fight the fast paced change of this technology generation.  I am just trying to help people get ahead of the curve.




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