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Is Coming.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital money, digital gold.  You can get paid in it.  You can buy things with it.  You can give it to people.  You can save it. 

You can carry it with you on your phone.  You can store it in an online wallet.  You can print a paper wallet.  You can open a “digital bank account” to exchange, hold, spend or save your bitcoin. You can get a Bitcoin Debit Card that can be spent anywhere.  I already use mine for gas and groceries.

You can instantly send it anywhere on planet earth with almost no transaction fees, and no border fees. 

Big banks, global tech companies, and governments are quietly spending billions of dollars towards this global switch to digital currency.  Already 10's of million of people across the globe, from every country on earth, are moving to Bitcoin use, and that number is expanding exponentially.

Now let me tell you why all of this is happening, and "Why it is coming."

Note:  Bitcoin exists in two separate forms.  Read our brief page, "Meet the 2 Bitcoins" to learn about their differences.




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